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Life with baby

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Sometimes babies just don’t want to fall asleep. How many parents have done this same routine of walking their baby through the house to try to get them to sleep? I read something yesterday about a new parent who said everyone with older kids tells you that they wish they could hold their baby just one more time, and he answered, but they won’t be as tired as they are now, and it’s only for one day.

I think back fondly about when my girls were little – I have two pre-teens – and there is something so sweet and heart-tugging about that time; I do wish I could go back and hold them again, and nurse and rock them to sleep, or watch their little toddler selves with all their emotions on the surface. But I also know that while it’s going on, it’s relentless and can be tedious and frustrating.

We don’t have to shy away from telling the truth about motherhood; even with all of our complaints, it’s still pretty wonderful. Just another reminder to live in the present.

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