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I used to be a stay-at-home mom when my girls were little. I remember the days of living in sweat pants and going three days between showers. It was a long stretch between date nights, and some days I was so tired I couldn’t think straight.

I remember lying in bed at night and cataloging all the things I did wrong that day. I yelled at my daughter, I was bored playing with her and walked away to do something else, I didn’t feel like taking her to the park so we stayed home and watched tv.

When we fall into bed at the end of the day, we want to feel like we did our best. And we do. We do our best.

All of that pressure we put on ourselves. We sacrifice and usually put ourselves last. And I’m asking you to put yourself first, to engage in some self-care.

Having your portrait taken may not seem like a way to recharge and take care of yourself, but in my studio, it is. From the moment you walk in, you’re taken care of. Sit down, take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee – one that stays hot and you don’t have to microwave five times before you finally throw it out!

Your hair and makeup will be expertly styled just the way you want it. I’ll go through all of your outfits and help you decide what to wear. We’re in no rush and we’ll take as long as we need. Grab a snack, have a second cup of coffee, and let me guide you through different setups, and pose and light you to bring out your best features. My assistant is on hand to do touchups and help style you.

When you see your portraits, you will be thrilled with how beautiful you are, how relaxed and at ease you are in front of the camera. Your portraits will bring you joy every time you look at them. And can you imagine 30 years from now when your children have your portraits hanging on their wall? It’s the best legacy to leave. Because they will look at you fondly, with love, as they remember what a great mom you are and how many opportunities you gave them and how you are the heart of the family and raised them to be the people they are today.

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I can see the day approaching fast when my girls will be off to college. The daily grind of motherhood has lessened and I get to devote a lot more time to my career. I am eating better and exercising more (thanks, Fitbit), and have at long last decided to become a morning person (we can discuss that more in depth in another post).

As we near our 50’s, time begins to open up. We have a lot more freedom and we begin to re-access our lives. What should we do for our 3rd act?

We’ve been focusing on our family and now we want to do something for ourselves. We look at new hobbies, new careers, take up a spiritual practice or decide to go back to church. It’s exciting and terrifying – it’s now or never. WE know we’re in our prime, but it seems like others didn’t get the message.

It’s important to put ourselves first now, without guilt. We have time to try new things, and we don’t have the patience to suffer fools. Maybe we haven’t seen our mojo in a long time and now it’s time to get reacquainted.

I like to tell women that a portrait session with me is transformational. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve seen a photograph of yourself that you love. Maybe you’ve never realized that, if you let it, your beauty and confidence can shine through. Maybe you just need a day of pampering and feminine energy to empower and energize you.

I have a friendly studio with an all-women staff, and we would love to spend the day with you. Email or call me for a tour of the studio – we can sit and have coffee and talk about what your dream photo shoot looks like.

Email me at, call me at 626.676.9295, or use the contact form above in the upper right corner where it says “Contact”.

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Rebecca Little Photography portrait by Sue Bryce Los Angeles Pasadena CA

How do I know how empowering a portrait session can be? Because I had mine done.

The most common reason women give me for not having a portrait done is “I need to lose weight first.” As if you’re not deserving of a beautiful photograph of yourself because you’re not perfect. Breaking news – none of us are. You have the right to exist in a photograph, you have the right to feel beautiful and proud and celebratory.

Don’t you have people who love you, right now, at this very minute, just the way you are? Don’t people depend on you? Didn’t you wake up this morning and do the best you could, even if it was difficult? Didn’t you wake up and put other people first?

Why are we as women so hard on ourselves?

If you dream of having a beautiful portrait, don’t wait. I didn’t, and I have plenty of weight to lose. I have deep laugh lines and jiggly arms and I loved every second of having my photos taken. I felt like a queen and it was fun.

I was thrilled when I saw my images for the first time. I couldn’t believe that it was me. I’m not a 20-something model, I don’t have long flowing hair, but I looked lovely. Gorgeous. Happy. Confident. I thought to myself, “This is what I look like, this is possible.” It was an eye-opener.

Since then I’ve had two more portrait shoots. Yes, me! I love having my hair and makeup done, I love how it makes me feel, I love dressing up and being posed and lit by someone who knows what she’s doing. I love that I feel energized and like anything is possible.

That’s what I want to do for you. Email or call me and let’s talk about what your dream photo shoot looks like.

Email me at, call me at 626.676.9295, or use the contact form above in the upper right corner where it says “Contact”.

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Isn’t this a lovely photo? Did you immediately think, This woman must work in start-ups and technology? Probably not. But it’s a beautiful portrait of Sonya and she could easily use it to put a professional face on her business (which is in tech, by the way).

Don’t be hemmed in by what you think a “headshot” should look like. You can use your portraits for anything you’d like, whether it be a legacy portrait for your family, personal branding images for your career, or something luxurious you do for yourself for no more reason than you want to experience a professional photo shoot and spend the day being pampered.

Sonya’s company (she is the COO & Co-founder) is Dude, I Need a Truck. They’re like Uber, but instead of a driver moving people, you have a Dude moving your things.

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Celebrity style makeovers hair and makeup included glamour portraits Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

I love transformation. The idea of a dramatic weight loss or moving across the country to follow your dream or developing better habits that push you forward. It’s why I love Befores and Afters so much. That this confidence and beauty are inside of us all along, but we might not feel it. Sometimes we don’t realize it’s possible to feel this good about ourselves.

It’s not so much the makeup and hair, it’s the way we feel when we see our images. Of course, Lisa looks beautiful in her Before shot, but she FEELS beautiful in her After shot. When your hair and makeup are done and you see yourself in the mirror for the first time, it’s a thrill, especially if you don’t normally wear makeup or style your hair.

When I had my portraits done, seeing the before and after was exciting. (In fact, I insisted on having a before photo!) I don’t wear a lot of makeup everyday and I can’t be bothered to put on lashes or blow out my hair – I’m comfortable in my skin and okay with that.

I loved seeing my images and knowing that this beautiful, confident woman was inside of me. It honestly changed the way I see myself – THAT’S what I want to offer to all women.

The chance to have your own celebrity-style shoot like you see in the magazines, where you walk onto the set and the day is all about you. Where you see yourself transform and it feels good. It doesn’t matter if you need to lose weight and it doesn’t matter if you’re over 40 (or 50 or 60). I will create a beautiful portrait for you because you deserve it.

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Amanda is one of my dear, dear friends. There are four of us who met while our children were in preschool and we hit it off right away. We always make time to see each other as often as we can.

We scheduled a Best Friends shoot with Sue Bryce. Sue is a world-class portrait artist in Los Angeles, and I am privileged to have been taught and mentored by her.

A Best Friend shoot is such a nice experience to share with your friends. We had a full day of getting our hair and makeup done, drinking champagne, and laying out all of our outfits and helping each other decide what to wear. We got to spend the entire day together, and then we went out to dinner afterwards because we looked and felt fabulous.

(The image above was shot by me, but when we get our photos, they will be featured here.)

If you would like to have a session with your best friends (or sister or mom), email me and join me at the studio for a cup of coffee and we can chat more about what your dream photoshoot looks like. Email me at, or use the contact form above in the upper right corner where it says “Contact”.

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