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I love this photo for the details. Christine still has the marker on her hand from a race she ran earlier that morning. And her son, who is now halfway through elementary school, doesn’t jump in her lap so much anymore.

There are so many things a photo can tell you, more than just physical documentation. Mood and circumstance and what your life was about. Moments that are heartbreaking in their ordinariness, thousands of them passing by every day.

This month was about celebrating Moms who choose to exist in the family photos, who know that it’s important to show up in the family photo album. So the next time you have family photos done, proudly step in front of the camera and take your spot next to the people who love you the most.

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Relaxed romantic photos for couples in love Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

You’ve been by each others’ sides through it all: colic and cartwheels, diaper changes and first dances, eye rolls and slamming doors, college applications and long talks at the kitchen table. Your children have the best of each of you, and you witness it every day.

We have loads of photos of our children, but how many do we have with our partner and best friend? It’s important for all of us to exist in the family photos.

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