Black and white double exposure fine art photographs for artists and creative people Los Angeles Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

Shannon wanted images that were creative and not your typical beautiful portrait, so I created this double exposure for her. If you have specific ideas about your session, let’s talk about them. If you want to leave it all in my creative hands, that’s fine too. This is your dream photoshoot and I want you to love your images.

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Artists portraits headshots for creative people head shots for artists Los Angeles Altadena Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

Sometimes you want something more than a professional photo for LinkedIn. You want to express your creativity and you want to show off different sides of you. My contemporary portrait sessions let you explore different parts of yourself.

I love working with creative people: artists, writers, singers, makeup artists, graphic designers, songwriters, hairstylists, interior designers, bloggers, florists, architects. You have more leeway when it comes to presenting your professional image.

Let’s collaborate on a magazine-style shoot that shows off your romantic, wild-at-heart side. I have a big imagination and lots of ideas. What can I do for you?

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I need photos for mothers day for mom a beautiful photo of all of us together Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA
“For Mother’s Day my sister and I decided to get our photos taken professionally with our mom as a gift to her. We spent the day getting dolled up and had an amazing time with Rebecca. Her studio is so lovely and inviting, and she just makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

You can tell Rebecca is a true artist with an eye for beauty and impeccable attention to detail. The three of us have not taken any photos together in a long time and never by a professional photographer so none of us knew what to expect. However Rebecca never let us feel awkward or intimidated by the process. She held our hand through every step of the process from the moment the session was booked till receiving the final images.

Rebecca is professional, calming and just a joy be to be around. It was truly an amazing experience for the three of us and it will forever be a treasured memory in our hearts. Thank you Rebecca! And just to state the obvious, the photos came out beautifully!”

Cathy, Alhambra

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Vanity Fair celebrity Annie Leibowitz style magazine and fashion oriented portraits for women black tulle and expert hair and makeup Rebecca Little Photography Los Angeles Pasadena CA

More black tulle! I love how this came out. I painted this canvas backdrop and was so excited to try it out. Why I chose the hottest day of the year to paint, I don’t know, but I was on a mission. I am drawn to the celebrity-style, magazine, Vanity Fair, Annie Leibowitz type portraits that most of us never have a chance to experience. It’s fun to experience a day of pampering with hair and makeup and beautiful clothes. It’s even better if you bring your sister or best friend or mom and experience it together.

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Beautiful Vanity Fair style magazine photos for women fashion  images for everyday women celebrity experience fur coat vintage fur Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena Los Angeles CA

I offer women a luxury photo experience – you’re pampered and taken care of. We have fun with clothes and hair and makeup, and the studio is high energy and fun.

Shannon is very fashion-conscious and prefers a vintage look. She has a fabulous and varied closet and brought lots of outfits. She also had a specific look in mind and sent my stylists images of the hair and makeup that she wanted.

Even though Shannon is a photographer, she was nervous being in front of the camera. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t! It’s our job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you can rock your photo shoot. At your consultation where we go over in detail how to prepare. I’ll even go through your closet with you to help you choose outfits.

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