Headshots for women and personal branding for small business owners Rebecca Little Photography

All women deserve a beautiful portrait. It doesn’t matter if you’re petite, curvy, tall – we are more than clothing sizes in a department store. They divide us by size because it’s efficient – it’s easier to find clothes that fit.

But I don’t make a distinction. No matter who I am privileged to photograph, I am thinking about posing, angles, what’s flattering. How do I bring out the green in your eyes, how do I show your natural grace, your warm smile – how do I capture your beauty and personality?

Christine works as a clothing consultant for plus-size women, a term she is comfortable using. She knows the best stores, locally and online, and she knows what is flattering on women with a similar body type.

She says plus-size, I say curvy, but I don’t care how you identify yourself, I see your beauty.
Let me photograph you so I can show you.

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This is Linda, the mother of the the two women in last week’s post. See her jade bracelet? That’s the one that matches her daughters and doesn’t come off.

Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes deserve beautiful portraits, especially grandmothers who have lived it all and have much wisdom to pass down. Look at her! She has a beautiful portrait that she loves, and her daughters have a photograph of mom that they will treasure forever.

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I need photos for mothers day for mom a beautiful photo of all of us together Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

Cathy and Jacklyn and Linda are as close as a mom and daughters can be. Each of them wears a matching jade bracelet that protects them from harm and can never be removed. Jacklyn told me that when she went in for surgery, her doctor asked her to take the bracelet off and she said, I can’t take it off without cutting it off, so they taped it down for her. I love the idea that they are linked together forever.

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Beautiful photos for Mothers Day glamour photos for mom Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

It’s funny how often I hear a woman say that she usually hates having her photo taken, but that her experience with me has been different.

Maybe it’s because I am nervous – okay, downright anxious – when faced with new situations that I can totally empathize with my clients during their portrait session.

I try to make the studio experience as welcoming and stress-free as possible. Everything is planned in advance and I guide my clients every step of the way so they know what to expect. My team and I work together to create a positive environment where you are taken care of.

Lisa had been talking about getting portraits taken for months, but she was nervous. She had many questions during our consultation and was most concerned with what to wear. I showed her a gallery of outfits on my iPad that would be flattering on her and she pulled blouses and dresses out of her closet to show me. I helped her choose what to wear and we talked about the best places to shop. Later, we texted images of dresses back and forth and on the day of her session she arrived with the most beautiful outfits!

As you can see from her portrait above, she looks gorgeous and totally at ease.

If you’d like to schedule a portrait session, please contact me for a complimentary consultation Rebecca@RebeccaLittlePhotography.com

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Mothers Day special photos for mom and daughters celebrate mom Rebecca Little Photography Los Angeles CA

For Mother’s Day, I am teaming up with Marcela of A Moment of Peace in South Pasadena to offer a complimentary massage to anyone who schedules a Mothers Day session.

I treated myself to a birthday massage with Marcela last week and it was so, so good. She worked at Burke Williams Spa in Pasadena for years, then decided to open her own studio. The massage was fabulous and I thought my clients deserved to feel fabulous as well.

The women I photograph are hard-working women, with families and jobs and a lot of stuff on their plates. It’s so important to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves kindly; we need to believe that we deserve nice things.

My Mother’s Day sessions include professional hair and makeup, a wardrobe consultation, an in-person Reveal of your beautiful portraits, and a 30-minute chair massage at the end of your session. My session fee is 250. and includes everything above.

Bring your mom, your daughter, your sister or all three and enjoy the experience together!

I walk you through how to prepare and what to wear. Some women like me to go through their closet with them, and others like to text me images of outfits while they’re out shopping. You decide what works best for you.

It’s so important to me that you love your photographs; I want you to dream and visualize about how you want to be photographed, and then I want to create that for you.

Email me for more information or to schedule a session at Rebecca@RebeccaLittlePhotography.com, or use the contact form above in the upper right corner where it says “Contact”.

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