Acting Headshots for Pasadena Actors

Headshots for actors in Pasadena best headshots for different looks and characters I love shooting actors like Chris Atkins. We created so may different looks, from boy next door, to tough guy bouncer to upscale sophisticate to fitness model to some wrestling and military poses. Chris was in the WWE training program in Florida and is now living in Los Angeles and pursing many opportunities, including acting. He knows how important headshots are for actors who are trying to be seen by casting directors. We shot in my photo studio on Green Street in Pasadena and on location outside on the street with backgrounds like red brick walls and gritty urban areas and tree-lined streets. I can create so many looks for Pasadena actors!Chris is new to Los Angeles and exploring many opportunities, acting being one of them. His agent wanted five different looks so they could send him out on casting calls. We created scenarios for the boy next door, a member of the military, a bouncer/tough guy, upscale sexy man in a suit, and some wrestling shots. Chris used to wrestle for the WWE and we wanted to reference that.

We created some looks in the studio, and some outside. I have plenty of natural light and also studio lights so we can get a variety of looks, and I’m lucky enough to have a studio on Green Street, famous for the trees that line the street. On my block we also have brick walls, stone walls, greenery and urban backgrounds. It’s the perfect place to shoot if you want lots of looks.

If you need acting headshots, email me. Let’s talk about the best looks for you and how we can create them. Email me at or use the contact form in the upper right of the site where it says Contact.

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