Testimonials from Happy Clients

“Rebecca provided a wonderful experience for our mother/daughter photo shoot! From start to finish, she was helpful, thoughtful and the actual shoot was a great experience. Her team is kind and professional and the quality of the end product is outstanding!”

Octavia Sisley, Spin Instructor – 2017 (Mother-Daughter session)
Headshots for fitness instructors nutrition coaches Los Angeles Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA

“Rebecca Little took a professional portrait of me, as well as mother-daughter photos with my daughter, Octavia. The process was comfortable, flexible, and fun at her studio, with talented make-up and hair professionals for prep, as part of the sitting. Prior to the photo shoot, Rebecca offered suggestions about clothing and grooming, but she also has clothing available at the studio. During the photo shoot, Rebecca listens, and then makes suggestions and guides her subjects without dictating.

She moves through different poses and backdrops smoothly and quickly. Rebecca is able to allow her subjects to relax, so that she brings out the inner person in her photos. Her goal is to let the client express his or her true self or any aspect of one’s self. After working her “magic,” the resulting photos were stunning, far beyond our hopes and expectations.

We are so happy with the entire experience and very grateful to have found Rebecca to take our photos, at a milestone time in our lives. The reactions from colleagues, friends and family have been overwhelmingly positive. Octavia and I highly recommend Rebecca to capture you for many different purposes and/or your family, for all occasions.”

Christine Sisley, South Pasadena – 2017 (Mother-Daughter session)

Soulful happy mother daughter photos for Fathers Day Rebecca Little South Pasadena

“I recently had a portrait session with Rebecca Little. I was a little apprehensive as I was unsure what to expect, but Rebecca walked me through the entire process, patiently answering my many questions and offering great tips on preparing as well as recommendations for selecting outfits to wear. From the moment I walked into Rebecca’s studio, I was immediately put at ease. Her hair and makeup team did a wonderful job getting me camera ready and they made me feel like a million bucks! Rebecca has a natural ability of making you feel relaxed and confident as she photographs you. She has a laid back approach while at the same time expressing enthusiasm. Her unique perspective and talent is evident in the amazing results. From beginning to end, this was a very enjoyable experience and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Thank you, Rebecca Little, for the beautiful portraits you created for me, I absolutely love them!”

Lisa Bloom – 2016 (Portrait session)

Beautiful photos for Mothers Day glamour photos for mom Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA



“For mother’s day my sister and I decided to get our photos taken professionally with our mom as a gift to her. We spent the day getting dolled up and had an amazing time with Rebecca. Her studio is so lovely and inviting, and she just makes you feel comfortable and at east in her home. You can tell Rebecca is a true artist with an eye for beauty and impeccable attention to detail. The three of us have not taken any photos together in a long time and never by a professional photographer so none of us knew what to expect. However Rebecca never let us feel awkward or intimidated by the process. She held our hand through every step of the process from the moment the session was booked till receiving the final images. Rebecca is professional, calming and just a joy be to be around. It was truly an amazing experience for the three of us and it will forever be a treasured memory in our hearts. Thank you Rebecca! And just to state the obvious, the photos came out beautifully!”

Cathy Shih, Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, Alhambra – 2016 (Portrait session)

I need photos for mothers day for mom a beautiful photo of all of us together Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA


“I decided to get portraits taken, really, because I saw the pictures on her website. (My husband even called her an artist after seeing her site) In the past I’ve always shot pics for headshot, Christmas cards, or marketing purposes. This is the first time I took pictures just because. Figuring I could use another headshot, why not?
First off, Rebecca does a thorough part-info, part-interview before anything. Music you like to hear, food to eat, favorite colors, and she recommends what to bring. Due to a busy life, I got prepared the night before, didn’t sleep enough, didn’t lose those couple of pounds of H20 and I was annoyed at myself.
As soon as I showed up, her make up artist, Cathy, (aka The Magician) immediately cleaned the sleep outta my eyes and got to work. Rebecca lovingly got me coffee, had nuts, snacks, biscotti ~ felt like I was on a film set.
Next Bri, another talented young lady, prepared to transform my bed head into a sophisticated do. During the shoot I decided to hand over the reins and let Rebecca run the show. I was in good hands. When the shot worked, she let you know, and if it didn’t, she took the time necessary to make it the best. Best lighting, angle, props, look ~ and I had a blast!
Great music playing and getting to play dress up. She had me wear fabrics and textures, try jewelry and skirts. Fun, fun, fun! Out of this shoot, I got two professional headshots, a wedding anniversary gift, and a Father’s Day gift too. Thank you Rebecca Little Photography!
If you are looking for care, professionalism, customization, and lotsa fun? Then Rebecca will by a joy to work with for you, your family, staff and friends.”

Marcela Hawk, South Pasadena – 2016 (Portrait session)

Hair and makeup provided in studio headshots and personal branding images for women small business owners Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA


“Being in front of the camera can be a scary thing. Especially if you’re anything like me and get super awkward anytime a camera comes out. Being photographed by rebecca was not like that at all. Getting your makeup done is one of the best things ever! i just felt super confident and i was totally feeling the way i looked. Once i got in front of the camera it was smooth sailing from there. She (Rebecca) gives direction well and keeps it simple and easy to replicate. i had an awesome time during our session and my photos came out freaking rad!!”

Bri Orozco, Hair Stylist, Rancho Cucamonga – 2016 (Portrait Session)

Artists portraits headshots for creative people head shots for artists Los Angeles Altadena Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA


“I have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Rebecca! I was initially hesitant to book Rebecca because of the prices, but I am SO glad we did!! First of all, her work speaks for itself. She does such a great job at catching the moment and just the feeling of the moment. She made our family feel at ease, never made us feel rushed, and made sure to get every shot we wanted. And to top it off, her customer service is above and beyond! I really can’t say enough good things about our experience!! Thanks Rebecca!!”

Deanna Cho, Sierra Madre – 2015 (Lifestyle session)

Rave reviews and testimonials and thumbs up for Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA from Sierra Madre family


“We had Rebecca take our family photos, and I was happy we did. We have a 4 month old and a 2 year old, and they are not the best little models. Rebecca created a calm environment, and our pictures benefited from it. She is a true professional and we could not be happier with the end product”.

A. Esfahani, Ranchos Palos Verdes – 2015 (family portraits)

Rave reviews and testimonials for Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena CA


“Our family session with Rebecca was relaxed and fun, and that’s saying a LOT with two teenagers! And the images speak for themselves. She captured the best of us, and we will treasure these photos forever! The only problem was choosing between all of the great shots…what a nice problem to have!”

Karen Rice, Sierra Madre – 2015 (family portraits)





“Rebecca did my photos with my daughter, it was for father’s day gift. I was nervous because i didnt think I would get my photos in time because i had decided to do this 2 weeks before. She was able to have them to me just in time for me to print one out and framed. She was also so patient with my daughter. Our session was brief, which was great for her being so active and working around her nap time. I LOVED my photos and I would definitely recommend Rebecca for family shoots ;)”

Myline Cabico, Rancho Cucamonga – 2015 (mother-daughter portraits)



“The pictures that you took are so unique and authentic it amazes me. When I saw the video for the first time, I was so touched I cried. You had managed to see all the different personalities of our crazy family and put that on film and I will forever be grateful to you.

Everyone that has seen the album is blown away and then they see the “Vanity Fair” shot and they are speechless!

It takes a truly talented person to be able to capture the essence of a person…in our case a family on camera that they have only met a few minutes ago…yet that is what you were able to do with our entire family…all 14 of us at Tom and my 50th Wedding Celebration.”

Carole Holterhoff, Pasadena ~ 2013 (50th wedding anniversary)

Testimonial for Rebecca Little Photography with images

“My coffee table book is so beautiful I had to buy a coffee table!

Every time I look at the picture of my best friend Veronica roasting me at my 50th Birthday Party and me laughing in the foreground, I laugh all over again, as if it were the first time I heard the story.

Capturing the images at my 50th birthday party was one of the smartest thing I did. Having a party and inviting my favorite people was definitely the smartest.”

Felita Kealing, Altadena ~ 2013 (50th birthday party)

Altadena Lifestyle Photographer Rebecca Little birthday party at Altadena Country Club

“Rebecca worked her magic again! We had some crazy ideas for our photo session (including driving out to a location and even hiking up to the top of a fountain), and Rebecca was up for the adventure! I love so many of the photos, I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted (so I didn’t). She captures the essence of each of us in the photos – the impishness of my youngest, the drama of my middle, and the sweetness of my oldest. We were able to give several photos away as gifts for Christmas, and everyone loves the pictures! Thanks so much, Rebecca, for another great bunch of wonderful memories of my family.”

Genevieve Miller, Pasadena ~ 2013 (2nd Lifestyle Session)

“Rebecca works magic behind the lens; she creates still images that tell a story. When I look at photos Rebecca has taken of me and my family, I’m immediately transported to that time and space again and the essence of the moment. Rebecca’s photos are far from posed – they’re captured moments that speak to you, draw you in, move you; art in its purest form.”

Christine O’Brien, Altadena ~ January 2013 (4th Lifestyle Session)

“Rebecca really captured the side of my family that people rarely see. When I saw the slide show she put together it brought tears to my eyes. I really appreciated how she was able to get picture of my son who rarely smiles in pictures both smiling and laughing.”

Jennifer McCreight, Pasadena ~ January 2013 (1st Lifestyle Session)

“When I needed a headshot for my business website, I knew I wanted Rebecca to take it. We had done family portraits with her a while back, and they were wonderful. Rebecca has a way of capturing the essence of a person in her photographs, and that was what I needed for my professional photos. I’ve gotten many compliments on the pictures she took, and I am grateful that she captured my professional side so well.”
Kim Tso, Temple City ~ January 2013

“Every time I see the photographs you took of our family – on my phone, on the wall in our home, on our computer screensaver, wherever they turn up – I can’t help smiling. They make me feel, I don’t know any other way to put it, joyful. They completely capture our family and how we are together, and give me the rare chance to sit back and enjoy seeing all of us together.

I’ve had several people stop me in the hall at school to tell me how much they loved our Christmas card and to ask about who took the photographs. My parents love it when I have you take our photos because they know they’ll be getting calendars to put up in their home. I even made decks of playing cards this year with the kids’ photos…another big hit. Honestly, I love what you do for us, the way you capture us at a time in our life. What an incredible investment for our family and what an amazing gift you have of capturing people with your camera!

Thank you!”
Amy C., Sierra Madre ~ 2012 (2nd Lifestyle session)

“Love, love, love them!
I gave Matt the photographs you took of Molly and Katie for his Christmas gift. He had tears in his eyes when he saw them! They’re now hanging in our living room where we can see them every day.
We are soooo lucky to have these forever.”
Gwen Hourihan, Pasadena ~ 2012 (2nd Lifestyle Session)

“Oh. My. God. I Love, Love, Love our family photos.
We just moved into a new home and I have the perfect spot to display them. When I look at the photos of my girls it brings tears to my eyes, they are growing up so fast and you captured their pure beauty at this moment in time!! I will cherish these pictures always, and we all really enjoyed and appreciate you spending the day with us and capturing such wonderful photographs. Honestly, words cannot describe how much I love them and how grateful I am to have them.
Thank You Rebecca, you are Truly Talented!!”
Maria Thompson, Sierra Madre ~ 2012 (1st Lifestyle Session)

Spending the afternoon with you enjoying the beautiful surroundings and light was really a pleasure. We love our family portraits! Thank you for capturing the gorgeous afternoon light and the moments in time that are so fleeting. Your work is truly special.”
The DiGiovanni Family, Pasadena ~ 2012 (1st Lifestyle Session)

“thanks, rebecca! you worked your magic once again … i love them!
thank you for trekking out there with us … the pics were worth it.”
Christine O’Brien, Altadena ~ 2012 (3rd Lifestyle Session)

“Rebecca was wonderful to work with! We talked about a variety of locations that would work for our family and came up with something that was not only artistically interesting, but worked well with our family’s personality. She was patient – working with 5 personalities can be trying – and most of the time followed our lead, especially the children’s. She captured the essence of us and the beauty of our children in her photographs. She even managed to make me see myself in a whole new light through her lens. My kids were asking just the other day when we get to take more photos with her.”
Genevieve Miller, Pasadena ~ 2012 (1st Lifestyle Session)

“Trying to capture a family of five moving targets is no easy feat, yet Rebecca handled it with ease. Working with Rebecca to document our family in photos was like spending an afternoon with a good and very patient friend. She spent time getting to know all five of us–our interests and stories, and her photos suggest a depth of feeling and expression beyond what we’d ever hoped. She finds beauty in moments, gestures and expressions that the ordinary person wouldn’t ever notice. Her photos are both art and history combined and we never get tired of admiring them!”
The Ramirez family, Pasadena ~ 2011 (1st Lifestyle Session)

“My family has had four photography sessions with Rebecca. She has a talent for capturing special moments in a candid and relaxed way. Her style of shooting is very comfortable and allowed us to interact naturally. With an artistic eye, Rebecca transforms the ordinary into something more – photographs that become keepsakes for generations.”
Lisa Bloom, Pasadena ~ 2011 (2nd Lifestyle Session)

“I loved having Rebecca take my photographs! It wasn’t boring at all. She’s not like my mom – my mom says ‘Smile! No, not like that,’ and ‘Stand like this, move to the right, now smile again’. Rebecca made it fun – we basically just walked around and talked. I’d do it again!”
Jocelyn Borys, Pasadena – 2013 (1st Portrait Session)

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