Personal Branding for Women Business Owners

Small business owners women in business personal branding and headshots for CEO's CFO's realtors and consultants Rebecca Little Photography Pasadena and Los Angeles

Everyone who cares about her career should have a beautiful Personal Branding image that puts a powerful face to her business. At our consultation we’ll discuss the kind of image you want to present and how to dress to project that image. You’ll know exactly how to prepare so you’ll feel confident when you arrive the day of your session.

Personal Branding has gained a lot of traction lately, because potential clients want to feel what it’s like to work with you. Can they trust you, do you look friendly and competent? We who are small business owners have an advantage over big corporations because we can interact with clients one-on-one through social media. We can display our personalities and engage with our clients on an intimate level. Having images that show your fun side or dramatic side or approachable side can show clients why they would want to collaborate with you.

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