Staff Photos for Small Businesses in Pasadena

Staff photos and headshots for small boutique law firms and graphic designers in Los Angeles. I love the different moods of these two group shots, one light and airy and one dark and dramatic. I photographed these on location, but I have a photo studio on Green Street in Pasadena in historic Green Street Village, a new landmark district. Green Street is so charming and I love having my studio there. If you need headshots or professional images of your staff email me!Same people, different mood. Whether you want light and airy, or dark and dramatic, I can create headshots for your staff. It’s nice to have a group photo of all employees together, or at least the top management. When I go to a website, the first thing I do is click on the About Page, and see who the team is and what they look like.

If you need headshots, a series of Personal Branding images for digital marketing, or staff images for your website, email me My studio is in historic Green Street Village, a new landmark district in Pasadena, in the Einstein Building.

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